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We're Nurished.

Healthy shouldn't be hard.

We make great tasting, all-natural products for the whole family.

More whole foods, less everything else.

We're a small team with big dreams.

You'll find us in beautiful

Salt Lake City, UT.

We've got high standards.

Manufacturing & Quality.

We have a vigorous vetting process when it comes to ingredient suppliers, manufactures, and more. If it goes in our body, we want to know everything about it. We work with a handful of world class manufacturers that have the same standards as us.

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Our Process.

A few FAQ's.

The FDA regulates the supplement industry as a whole. They regulate certain ingredients and issue opinions on the safety and efficacy of those ingredients. They also regulate things like nutrition labels and claims. However, the FDA does not test every product before it is sold, nor does it require companies to do so. We have kids, and they take our products regularly. That’s why we take our job very seriously and go above and beyond what is required. We only use ingredients with proven benefits and avoid artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners.

Heavy metals are found abundantly in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the soil that grow our plants. They are consumed regularly, even with a mostly organic and plant based diet. Concerns surrounding these heavy metals arise when they are present in large doses, and can then be harmful. This is why it’s so important to test and ensure they are only present in small thresholds that are safe for consumption.

We have 3 primary contract manufacturers, all located here in UT. Each is thoroughly vetted to ensure they have the same high standards that we do for quality, purity, integrity, and ethics.